Bicable To & Fro Systems

Bicable To Fro ropeways are an appealing form of ropeway systems, especially in areas with extremely steep terrain. These systems provide high levels of availability and good stability even in windy conditions. Aerial tramways, which consist of one or two cabins running to and fro between stations, are typically operated using either a single hauling rope or two track ropes.Aerial tramways can accommodate up to 200 people, making them the ideal mode of transportation for large groups of individuals. They are particularly well-suited to operate in challenging terrains, as the support towers can be erected at greater intervals, allowing for more flexibility in installation locations.In this system, one or two cabins are pulled back and forth between the stations using a haul rope and are supported by one or two support cables. Alternatively, they can be transported on a single combined carrying-hauling cable. Overall, Bicable To Fro ropeways are a reliable and efficient mode of transportation, particularly in rugged and challenging terrains.