Monocable Fixed Grip Pulsated Systems

MONOCABLE FIXED GRIP PULSATED SYSTEMS : Fixed Grip Pulsated Type Monocable Ropeways, also known as pulsed or reversible gondola ropeways, are fixed-grip installations that operate with one or more sets of cabins lined up one after another. These systems are suitable for short journeys with low passenger capacity, and they can be used in both summer and winter seasons.
The cabins in pulsed gondola ropeways are fixed to the rope in groups, typically consisting of 4-6-seater. As the sets of cabins pass through the stations, the rope speed slows down, and the system may even stop to allow passengers to enter and exit the cabins easily.
Pulsed or reversible gondola ropeways are ideal for short ropeways, where limited transport capacity is required. These systems are designed to operate efficiently and provide a comfortable and safe journey for passengers. Whether it's for skiing, sightseeing, or transportation, pulsed gondola ropeways are a reliable and practical solution for short journeys with low passenger capacity.