Monocable Detachable Systems

Monocable Detachable Ropeways are type of mono cable systems that allows the vehicles to be easily detached from the haul cable in the stations. This unique design enables the entry and exit areas of the gondola platform to be traversed at lower speeds, ensuring that passengers can easily enter and leave the cabins. Furthermore, these systems offer a high transport capacity, making it an efficient mode of transportation. The cabins of this type of ropeway system have a single rope that acts as both the carrying and hauling rope. Each cabin of the Monocable Detachable Ropeway can transport up to 6-10 passengers, making it a perfect solution for various applications. They can be utilized to transport people to tourist sights, provide urban commuting options, or even act as attractions in themselves.Overall, the Monocable Detachable Ropeway systems are versatile and efficient transportation system that is suitable for a variety of purposes. With its high transport capacity, comfortable cabins, and panoramic views, it is a great option for anyone looking for a memorable and enjoyable transportation experience.